Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ha: The Breath of Life

I may or may not be obsessed with the night show at the polynesian cultural center. seriously its probably one of my favorite things on the island! Because I got an annual pass to the pcc through my hula class, I can go for free whenever I want. Now you have to realize that people pay some serious bucks to go to the night show! Its definitely something that I couldn't afford without my annual pass, but ya know, we locals get the hook ups! So last week I went for the third week in a row..but this week was especially good. and it was because the Prophet was there! YES the prophet was in town for the temple dedication..and of course he wanted to go to the night show. And guess what else...I talked to him...like a literal conversation. 

Heres how the story goes:
  So Kayli and I decided that we were going to get there early so that we could find out where the prophet was eating. So we got there early and waited outside the place where he was eating. We were like the first people other than these little boys so we were sure that we were going to get to say hi to him. Well after waiting for about an hour he finally came out! And of course..who did he go to..the little boys..he talked to them and said "here's my future missionaries"..to say the little boys were stoked is an understatement. He then kind of said hi to us..but no shaking hands..nothing like that. We were excited to have seen him..but a little bummed because we didn't get to actually talk to him..but we were trying to be excited.
  Ok so then we were walking into the theater for the theater and all of a sudden we see the prophet walking in on one side and people are seriously swarming him...and then on the other side we saw President Eyring walking in and nobody was paying attention to him because they were all so involved with the prophet. So we watch him go to his seat and we see that the row in front of him is completely empty so we decided that even though we didn't get to talk to the prophet, it would still be awesome to talk to an apostle. So went and shook his hand, introduced ourselves and talked to him and his wife about where we were from..you know..small talk. 
  Then a magnificant thing happened. We looked to our right and President Monson was standing right there. Literally right next to President Eyring...duhhh we didn't realize that they would end up sitting next to each other! So we were like ahh we have got to go say hi! So we walked over, shook his hand and the first thing that came out of his mouth was "I got myself a couple of blondies here" and he started laughing to himself. Man, did that break the ice or what! So then I got up my courage and said President Monson, I hear you love Cummings Chocolates." and he was like "They are my weakness! I need to lay off them (grabbing his belly)." and then we proceeded to tell each other our favorite flavors and talked about Cummings. Well then at this point an usher came up and made us move and he said "well girls have a good night, I will try not to cause to much trouble." And that was that! I TALKED TO THE PROPHET! 

So there you go..I talked to him. A good ol' conversation about chocolate...like we were best friends ya know? And its all because of Ha! The breath of life! that night the show was extra special...lots more dancers..all performing for the prophet. and then at the end they sang teach me to walk in the light. It was totally amazing and spiritual and I was bawling by then end...well everyone there was. Unreal. Amazing. Spectacular. those are just a few of the words to describe that night. 
kayli and I at the night show..love her

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Miss You...

Although Hawaii is something that I will never regret ever...I have come to realize that there are a lot of things that I miss about home. I have decided that I am very much a home body and although I can go out and do my own thing, I would much rather be close to home. Today I have been missing a lot of things..and a lot of people. So here's my list for the night...sorry if your not on it. I'm sure I miss you too.
My family...they are awesome.
Lauren..my bestie! 
My roomies...love them!
Abbs...my sister from another mother :)
But most of all....tonight I'm missing my cute boy. He has been gone now for almost 18 months now. Don't you think it should be time for him to come home? If he was a girl he would be coming home...but he's not. I'm not really looking forward to another Christmas without him. I LOVE Christmas as most of you well know...but I love it even more with him. At least I will get to hear his voice right? And in 6 months I can have him back...all to myself. I love that kid...

us asleep at my gma's a few christmas's ago

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ko Olina. Waimea. Haliewa. Waikiki.

To say that this weekend was packed full of hawaiian goodness is an understatement. I seriously don't think I have done so much..in so little time..and had so much fun ever! Cassie came to visit this weekend and I think I definetly wore her out! :) It all started on thursday with the polynesian cultural center. now that was very fun for cass..but I don't even count this in our weekend of goodness because the rest was so much better! Friday cass and I headed out to Ko Olina aka my favorite place on this entire island. I felt back in paradise. Don't get me wrong..I'm still in paradise when I'm at home in laie..but Ko Olina brings the vacation paradise! So we went out there...got some lava flows and lunch and went to their hot tub and pools! It was fabulous..only downer was that it wasn't to sunny..but thats what the hot tubs are for right! 
(cass drinking her lava flow)
So that was Friday...but Saturday..that was the real treat. First we headed out to Waimea. Now there is a huge rock at Waimea Bay  that everyone jumps off of. And I did it! It was a total blast. Never has it been so sunny and such a beautiful day in Hawaii I swear! Then after that we went to Haliewa on the North Shore and ate at the Grass Skirt Grill. It was unreal! So amazing!! I would recommend it to anyone! 
(the rock we jumped off)
(love my boy)
(the girls..love them!)
So then after Haliewa we went up to Waikiki. We did some shopping and decided that we should have a fabulous dinner at the Cheesecake factory! Little did we know that it wasn't going to be very fabulous! The food was great..but the service was AWFUL. We ended up being in the restaurant for 4 hours..it was HORRIFIC! I can't even begin to explain the situation. It was a have to be there experience. and it all came down to the fact that we are young and nobody takes us seriously! So as we waited..we took pictures..silly pictures :) 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hula Auana!

Well its that time again. I had another test in hula today and so my mom made me PROMISE that I would record it and put it on my blog again...so here it is :) this is the modern form of hula called auana. I pretty much am terrible..but remember that I am a white girl and dont have any flubber to shake with! :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

I can't wait...

    Christmas is coming. Its my favorite time of year. Even though I am in Hawaii and it feels like it is not close to Christmas at all....I can feel it coming. I know its only November..but I feel it coming. I remember when I was a kid and when it would snow in Redmond. Things would shut down and I can remember just getting into my snow clothes and go sledding with chels down our big hill. Life was so great on those days. Then we would go inside and my mom would have hot chocolate waiting. I remember my mom making those days so awesome...
   Anyways..I love Christmas. I am really hoping that Mike and Mel get to be with us for christmas this year...that would be make it almost perfect...of course its not quite perfect yet because my boy still isn't home. but I get to talk to him...and I can't wait. I'm already thinking about the things that I want to talk about with him on the phone. I just can't wait to hear him tell me how much he loves me. Thats always my favorite parts of our conversations. I'm just so excited to hear his voice. He makes me melt every single time I hear a word come out of his mouth. I'm excited.
   I'm also excited to celebrate the birth of our Savior. Although so many people like to make Christmas about Santa and the presents....I love reading the story of the birth of Christ with the family on Christmas Eve. It always helps me remember the true reason of Christmas and why we are celebrating.
(Christmas 2006 with my boy...he's still my boy after all these years!)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rock Climbing!

 This past weekend I did something that I never would have even thought of doing out here...rock climbing!!! And let me tell you..it was an experience to say the least. Saturday morning we left around 8 am....and I was already exhausted from the night before when I stayed up until around 3 am...oops :) well anyways after driving out there I see a mountain and then around the top of the mountain is this flat rock that we are going to climb. and I freaked a little bit. I didn't want to tell anyone but I was a tinge bit scared. But you know me...I started climbing that stupid mountain. When we finally got to the top where we were suppose to rock climb I looked down and we were pretty high up. But I finally got the nerve to rock climb..and then I reached the halfway point and looked behind me and down and freaked out and made them bring me down I was so scared! Who knew I was afraid of heights!!!

Well as you looked down from where we were rock climbing I saw a familiar village....the other's village on lost!!!! And yes...I made out group stop after climbing so that I could have a picture at the other's camp! It was amazing!