Thursday, December 16, 2010


I can't handle the fact that I only have one more day here. Today was perfect. 80 degree weather. pipeline masters surf competition. sunset beach. teds. and night show at the pcc. Could life get any better? I know that mine couldn't. And tomorrow...we're hitting up the surf competition again and my all-time favorite beach waimea. I foresee another perfect day coming my way. Have I told you that I love Hawaii and I think that I am going to miss my flight on purpose? Its a good plan if you ask if you don't see me in washington next week with my'll know why!
     Well tonight was pretty much awesome. I think everyone knows that I LOVE the polynesian cultural center. I have been to the night show like 5 times this semester and every time I just keep getting more and more obsessed. We have a friend Shaun who is in the night show. He's way fun and tonight we decided to get a picture with him....
yeah...i'm really scary
Ok I miss Hawaii already...I can't handle this. Don't make me leave!!!!!! And to prove I'm in denial...I haven't started packing. Ya I leave in a day...and I haven't packed....oh well! :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I can't stand it but I only have 2 more days left in the (808). I love Hawaii. Literally I was walking around campus today and I almost broke into tears because I realized that this experience is coming to an end. I have had a TOTAL blast here! And so tonight (since I am done with finals and have nothing to do) I decided that I'm going to write a little about what I have loved and am going to miss about Hawaii..
*PCC Tuesdays
*mini bbq chicken and rice everywhere I go
*Hukilau Cafe, L&L, Papa Ole's
*My pink bike
*Waimea days
*Sunset beach at sunset
*Hukilau Beach
*Waikiki weekends
*Nights with Kami and the fam
*constantly being warm
*Pillow talk with liv
*Usual spot at the lib
*Night show with the Prophet (I met him!)
*Rock Climbing
*Late night bike rides with kay
*Grass Skirt Grill
*Jamba/Kaneohe girls nights
*Gid..."we go eat"
*The beautiful temple
*Kava Roots
(I love my bike)
Ok those are just a few things that I love about Hawaii....I LOVE hawaii! I seriously will never get over loving Hawaii. There are a few things I am excited to get away from though...bugs. All the stupid bugs in this place. YAY! No more bugs! And I'm excited to finally get away from a certain somebody! YAY! 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sun-Kissed Skin

I'm officially over being tan. To be honest, I'm quite sick of worrying whether I am going to be tan enough for everyone when I get home. Don't get me wrong, I like having that sun-kissed skin, but at this point its not at the top of my list. I have finals, packing, and seeing all the people that I'm leaving within the next week. How am I going to fit going to the beach in that time?! The answer is no clue, but I don't care. If my friends and family at home judge me because I'm not tan enough for them..well then thats their problem. But for now, I'm going to work on the things that really and friends. Frying my skin to a golden brown is not the priority. If it happens that I have time..I'll try..but until then my kind of brown skin will have to do! :) Here's a pic at my peak of being tan in hawaii....I will always have the pics to prove it :) 
I can't wait to in the cold drinking hot chocolate and warming up by the fire with my family. I can't think of one thing I would rather do more. Nope, I wouldn't even rather be in Hawaii. Skiing is on my mind lately, snow is on my mind lately. I think i'll leave hawaii here in a week and a half and go back to the cold. I kind of belong in the cold. I have LOVVVED hawaii and I know that I'm going to miss being warm all the time..but I have always been one to like the tropical vacations and then go back to the not so hot weather. I like wearing winter clothes. I like putting on lots of layers. I know that for a few weeks I'm going to be super uncomfortable because my body has adapted so much to Hawaii, but after a few weeks I'll be just fine being in the cold and skiing every weekend... :) can't wait! 
Only 9 days left in Hawaii..better make it a crazy 9 days! (if only finals didn't exist)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Here I am..laying in my bed..thinking about the adorable letter that I got from my boy yesterday. In it he told me that we needed to figure out the exact day when we started liking each other. So here I was thinking about it, and I remembered. I even have a picture of the day that Brock and I first held hands. It was May 25, 2005. It was the seminary scripture mastery night and I remember I had just met Brock a few weeks earlier. I thought he was SO cute and so I told my mom that if she saw me with him she had to pretend to be taking pictures of everyone that night and then come and get a picture of Brock and I. And of course, you know my mom, she did! That night after scripture mastery he invited me over to his house and we held hands for the first time. and here we are..5 1/2 years later and still so in love. 
I was so hot with the braces :) 
He comes home in 6 months..literally on Saturday he will have been gone 18 months. I miss him more and more everyday. Luckily, its not going to be long now and he will be back! love that boy...always have :)