Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Blog

This blog is officially going to be stopped and we're moving over to our new blog.

New website:

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekend Love

I'm in the airport about to go see my fiancé :) couldn't be more excited. And my bridal shower in Seattle is this weekend! Are you coming!?

isn't he so dreamy?!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Ok so I know I have been extremely awful about this blog. But its not because there has been a lack of stuff going on in my life. There has been a lot going on actually....mostly Brock and I getting ENGAGED!!! WAHOO :) Yes, I know it was very fast and yes I know that he just got home from his mission. But it is so right. everything is so perfect with us and we are excited beyond belief to be getting married to each other. If you know us then you know that it has been a long time coming for us to be getting married.

Sooo here's the details:
Date: September 3, 2011
Reception Venue: Sleepy Ridge in Orem, Utah and then the Quick's Home on Sept 9th in WA for an open house
Temple: Salt Lake City
Colors: Blush pink, Rose Pink, Ivory

Annnnnd everyone has been asking me how he proposed. Soo I will just spill the story on here! :) Last weekend as most of you all know was the opening of Harry Potter. Brock and I have always been quite fond of hp and I knew that it was coming out but we weren't planning on being together that weekend. I was sneaky though and got the weekend off so that i could go and surprise him and take him to hp. So I got there and surprised him on Thursday the 14th and so we were hanging out and he said to me hey my parents want to take us to dinner tonight. And I was like alright where..and he said cheesecake factory. Sweet if you ask me! So 7 hits and we head off to Bellevue to go to the cheesecake factory. Now when you are getting off the exit to bellevue you can either go east or west. And so Brock starts to head east even though I know for a fact he needs to head west. And I start telling him off about how he is wrong and he keeps saying to me..but my dad told me to go east. And he won't listen! And I'm TICKED! So next thing I know I am seeing the signs for the Bellevue Botanical gardens.....and I know it then. Because if you didn't know..Brock and I had our first kiss at the botanical gardens there when we were 15. And so I shut up about giving him a hard time after that. And so we walked around the botanical gardens for a while..brock tried to fake me out by tying his shoe and then pulling out his phone..didnt work..i saw right through it. And then finally we stopped at the spot that we had our first kiss...and Brock started telling me all this lovey dovey stuff and then he proposed. It was perfect. Just him and I and the gardens. It was amazing.
right after the engagement! :) 

So we're engaged. And loving life. Even though we are apart we have been lucky and get to be together a lot. We found our apartment last night and are so excited! Everything is just working together great...not to say they aren't some crazy bumps along the way. But things are going great. And we are so excited to get married. It's all we talk about.

my ring! IM OBSESSED! :)

right after the engagement! :) 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Life is good.

This boy came home. Finally. And life couldn't be better. Its amazing to have him home. :) More updates to come! ...when I'm not busy with him..hehe

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Time flies when your having fun! :)

I feel like life is on fast forward lately. I have been working like crazy, and now vacationing, and then when we get back I start working like crazy again until we head for Seattle. I have 13 days of work left, and 9 more days off until we head up to Seattle. Add in clinical hours somewhere in there for school and I basically have no days off, and a whole lot to do before we head up there. Hopefully I can figure out how to get everything done that I need to before we head for Seattle. It will literally be a miracle if I can pull it off without having a major heart attack in the process.

But I have figured out it is better to be busy these days. Because when I'm not, time starts to go slow and the hours until that dang boy gets home seem to never pass. But I don't have that problem very often. Its actually kind of odd to me that on Monday, Brock will only have 3 weeks and then that dang boy will be home. Finally. I know...most of this blog has been complaining about how he is never coming home. I still kinda think that it is to good to be true and he wont be coming home that soon but I know its happening sooner than I think. And with everything going on...I'm sure it will come even faster that I think it will.

In other news, I am still in Washington DC and I head back tomorrow. DC and NYC have been so dreamy. I mean yes, tons of walking. But worth it? Of course! I have had so many fun experiences out here. Blogging about them all most likely to come on Saturday. After all...this adventure isn't quite over :)

Thats it for now. I'm off to sleep so I can wake up early and head to the white house and capitol. Then its home tomorrow night. And then real life and work comes again. But its good to be busy in my life right now. If not I am just waiting and waiting and wishing time would go by faster. But don't a few will all be over. And Brock and I can go back to driving eachother crazy ;)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Today I'm sick. And it got me thinking...crap..I have to give cherry blanket back like asap. For those of you who don't know...Brock gave me a contract before he left. It basically said that I could keep cherry blankie while he was gone and when he was back we had to give it back to Brandi. Well Brock is home in less than 6 weeks now (yay) and it looks like my time with cherry is getting shorter and shorter. So until then...I'm cuddling with cherry as much as possible! 
right after I got cherry and this is how I look today..sick

Sunday, May 1, 2011

2 posts in one night.

Although I had a very good night, fun filled with friends and family, I'm super down in the dumps tonight. This doesn't happen to me often but I'll tell you why its happening tonight.

1. All my friends are engaged and getting married, and I just want that dang B to come home already. I know, I know..7 more weeks is nothing. EVERYBODY tells me this. but guess what. Even though the time is getting still feels like forever away to me. I just want his butt on US soil again. I want to be able to call him and just chat with him. thats all i'm asking for. just to talk to him. I guess that will happen next I can't complain to much. but still. I'm complaining a little bit. because I feel like I have the right. Its been two years. That's to blasted long and I want my boy home. NOW.

2. I miss Hawaii. I took advantage of the sun and the warmth and the ease of life there. I wanted to be back home..but now I miss it more than ever. I feel like I yearn for the sunny warmth of hawaii especially when the utah weather is so dumb. I think I may just call kayli and tell her that we need to run away to hawaii together. I'm sure she would get it. Sun...I need you. please come back to me and make me tan again!

3. I miss my friends in Rexburg. Well..most of them aren't in Rexburg..but I miss my college friends. I dont have many friends here in Utah from high school. Most of my real friends are from college or washington growing up. and I miss hanging out with them. Work is great and I would rather work than go to school..but I miss my friends there. I have a feeling that the second fall semester starts I will be taking a little visit to Rexburg to see them.

So there is my sob fest for the night. It's definetly time for me to get sleep and of course..knowing me I will be up in the morning happy again. But tonight, let me miss those things. Especially my boy. Please oh please let the next 7 weeks go by quick. I need that....

come home please