Sunday, May 1, 2011

2 posts in one night.

Although I had a very good night, fun filled with friends and family, I'm super down in the dumps tonight. This doesn't happen to me often but I'll tell you why its happening tonight.

1. All my friends are engaged and getting married, and I just want that dang B to come home already. I know, I know..7 more weeks is nothing. EVERYBODY tells me this. but guess what. Even though the time is getting still feels like forever away to me. I just want his butt on US soil again. I want to be able to call him and just chat with him. thats all i'm asking for. just to talk to him. I guess that will happen next I can't complain to much. but still. I'm complaining a little bit. because I feel like I have the right. Its been two years. That's to blasted long and I want my boy home. NOW.

2. I miss Hawaii. I took advantage of the sun and the warmth and the ease of life there. I wanted to be back home..but now I miss it more than ever. I feel like I yearn for the sunny warmth of hawaii especially when the utah weather is so dumb. I think I may just call kayli and tell her that we need to run away to hawaii together. I'm sure she would get it. Sun...I need you. please come back to me and make me tan again!

3. I miss my friends in Rexburg. Well..most of them aren't in Rexburg..but I miss my college friends. I dont have many friends here in Utah from high school. Most of my real friends are from college or washington growing up. and I miss hanging out with them. Work is great and I would rather work than go to school..but I miss my friends there. I have a feeling that the second fall semester starts I will be taking a little visit to Rexburg to see them.

So there is my sob fest for the night. It's definetly time for me to get sleep and of course..knowing me I will be up in the morning happy again. But tonight, let me miss those things. Especially my boy. Please oh please let the next 7 weeks go by quick. I need that....

come home please


  1. I Feel your pain Ali!! You can always call me you know that right? I Love you! And ps.. I'm sure if you wanted to get away from Utah someone in Spokane would be very happy to see you :) Then we could trip it up to Seattle :) 7 weeks girl, You've got it! It will all be better soon! Just take it a day at a time!

  2. oh ali, i can't wait for these 7 weeks to be over too. not for my sake of course, but i'm just so excited for you to have him back home. you can do it! can't wait to see you here!